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Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics,

Econometrics or other data related studies.


Making impact in our organization

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The assignment:
Machine Learning with Topic-models!

What we offer is an assignment for your Master Thesis  that combines machine learning with Natural Language Processing. Moreover, we're open to any creative contributions you may have.


The background of the assignment

At LetsOpp, we use our knowledge and tooling to create 'collective intelligence' for our client-organizations. With our Opp app we encourage their employees (or other stakeholders) to contribute with their ideas . Once clustered, these 'group ideas' are the basis for the collective intelligence: the wisdom of their own crowd!

Last year, LetsOpp investigated the opportunities of Dutch text classification models (namely BERT-based models). This formed a thesis assignment for a masterstudent, who has build an Text Classification Model combined with a dashboard. 

So now we're ready for the next step in our datadriven company. Machine Learning with Topic-models! The step between 10.000 ideas and collective intelligence requires a lot of manual clustering. Luckily we already have a Natural Language Processing model for running 'group ideas', as we call them. However, we would like to improve this model. Your challenge is to create a model that can learn from our manual corrections. 

Do you accept the challenge? Let's meet!

P.S. Hoewel de vacature in het Engels is (om ook internationale studenten te bereiken), is de basis-spreektaal op kantoor Nederlands.

Wanna join our team?

At LetsOpp we love hybrid working and we see eachother two days a week on average. Once a week we enjoy a Padel game at Peakz. And every month we enjoy a night out at a nice restaurant or pub.  In addition we ofcourse offer a competitive monthly internship compensation for 4 or 5 days.

What we aim for with our clients, we also strive for within our own team: collective intelligence! So if you have ideas, please tell us! Your thesis won't end up in a drawer, but your ideas and deliverables will have direct impact on the way we run our business.

We're a growing business and would like to invite you to be part of that journey. To start off with your thesis, and where it ends... let's see! 

So if you:

  • Are creative and don't give up in seeking solutions.
  • Are self starting with a good sense of personal responsibility towards your thesis planning.
  • Are interested in collective intelligence.
  • Are a good teammate, with a positive mindset and open to new ideas.
  • Skilled (or eager to learn) to find your way through Python, Azure, PHP, Javascript.
  • Feel confident in working with Dutch texts.
  • Curious about the starters of data engineering, data science, and developing.
  • Aren't afraid of a great game of padel...

Are you up for that challenge? And do you want to experience how a small business works?

Then we're looking forward to meet you!

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