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The Creative Curve. How to develop the right idea, at the right time.

Posted by Saskia Reudink on 16-okt-2019 11:30:51


The Creative Curve

Laat je inspireren vanuit de praktijk!

De uitgever zegt over dit boek het volgende:

" A great idea isn't a sudden light-bulb moment. It's taking something familiar and making it feel new. We've been told a lie about the nature of creativity. We're told stories about creative geniuses - the young Mozart who effortlessly overshadows the hardworking Salieri; Paul McCartney coming up with the tune for Yesterday in a dream one morning; JK Rowling finding inspiration for Harry Potter sitting on a train to London. What we aren't told is the actual story behind such hits. In fact there is a science and method for mainstream success, whether writing a popular novel, starting a company or creating an effective marketing campaign, and in this book Allen Gannett - data wizard and successful entrepreneur - reveals the four laws of creativity that are proven to work. New ideas are surprising at first, and slowly become familiar as we get used to them. Allan Gannett reveals there's a sweet spot between what feels familiar and safe to us, and what is innovative and new: the point of optimal tension between safety and surprise, similarity and difference. The people we think of as creative geniuses are people who understand this sweet spot instinctively; they know what people find familiar and reassuring, and they find ways to reinvent it fresh. Packed with stories and insights ranging from the team behind Dear Evan Hansen to the founder of Reddit, from the Chief Content Officer of Netflix to Michelin starred chefs, The Creative Curve will help you spend less time on ideas destined to fail and more time on ideas that really break out. This book is for everyone, whether you're a business leader, a creative artist or a budding entrepreneur - and will teach you the secret to conceiving great ideas that can achieve major success."

Waarom resoneert dit boek zo bij ons? Omdat het ons basisprincipe van 'exploreren' onderschrijft. Alle geinterviewden zien exploreren niet als 'leuk erop uit gaan', maar zien het als bittere noodzaak om in aanraking te komen met nieuwe invalshoeken en ervaringen. En daar worden je ideeën beter van!

Tags: Groepsdynamica, Collective Brainpower, ideeën, exploratie

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