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Dialoog over o.a. werkdruk binnen een hogeschool in de Randstad - 2017

Posted by Saskia Reudink on Feb 4, 2018 2:13:49 PM

Opdrachtgever: De internationale faculteit van een grote hogeschool in de Randstad

Scope: 150 teachers and staff, and 3 managers
Context: The faculty was dealing with three major challenges:
  1. designing a new governance structure
  2. designing a new curriculum
  3. dealing with work pressure
In order to create ambition, basis and energy to deal with these challenges, the head of department thought it would be good to connect with all his employees and not only interact with the people who address him personally. 
The Opp app was added to the mix of ‘traditional’ communication tools (newsletters, representation groups and meetings). They kicked-off at a ‘town hall meeting’ where people received instructions on how to download etc. They started of simple with a ‘safe’ and ‘neutral’ opp-dialogue. In this dialogue the three challenges were introduced and people were invited to continue the dialogue in three separate opps. The results were interesting.
  1. Within one week 68 people joined the dialogue, after only one invitation.
  2. Huge response on the topic ‘solutions for work pressure’ (65 people).
  3. People responded with personal and indepth input, making it clear that this topic was very relevant to the group.
  4. Definition work pressure defined by the people, instead of the management guessing.
  5. People came up with lots of practical and easy solutions.
  6. The groups on the other topics were smaller, so they were considered less relevant?
  7. The group gave some tips and focus points for the management to take into account
  8. Practical and easy solutions were brought up by the people themselves.
 Follow up:
The results have been analysed and shared with the faculty team by the head of department in co-creation with his communication advisor and HR advisor. They organised an Academy Day where the results were addressed and focus groups were formed to move forward with the ideas from the dialogues. The focus groups were not only filled with ‘the usual suspects’ but now other people stepped forward as well. So a new dynamic was created by including everyone in the idea-generating process.

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